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The Mystery Of Morgellons

The Mystery Of Morgellons

Though Morgellons isn't normally listed as a co-infection of Lyme, it's generally related to chronic Lyme illness, and sadly there is more hypothesis in regards to the disease than hard facts.

Just lately a medical report with very graphic photographs has been revealed with further information.

Morgellons is a illness that starts with relentless itching, stinging or biting sensations. Cotton-like balls may appear on the body with no reasonable explanation. Soon skin rash develops together with lesions that won't heal.

Victims report string-like fibers of various colour popping out by means of the skin lesions. These fibers will be black, white, red and even iridescent blue. Others report slimy pustules that break open, scab over and heal within days, while still others report black specks falling from their bodies that litter their sheets and bathrooms.

Ultimately a wide range of mysterious organisms begin to seek out their method out of the body by the lesions.

Different signs embrace hair loss, debilitating and chronic fatigue, hard nodules beneath the skin, and joint pain. It is shortly obvious that most of the symptoms of Morgellons are like Lyme disease and so the disease may take for much longer to diagnose, and additional complicate chronic Lyme disease.

Though most medical doctors scoff at the concept of such signs, it's hard to disregard the visual demonstration of a worm-like fiber exiting the skin.

Personally, I've accepted the month-to-month appearance of these "slimy biofilms" and weird skin eruptions as a part of my chronic Lyme disease, and rejected the notion of morgellons disease cure because I by no means saw a filial worm. Nonetheless, after reading Mr. Neumann's research I can see that it's doable that any one of us with skin eruptions may have this additional illness to add to the list of co-infections.

My hope is that we do not, but it is clever to have clear and factual info on the condition.

It is very important note that the variations of these biofilms and biological microfibers are very diverse and extremely small.

Another aspect of the condition is that the body tends to eject the fibers and biofilm most steadily across the full moon.

My experience has been that the harder I assault the Lyme disease, the more skin eruptions occur. I've discovered that the best therapy is megadoses of Himalayan salt (6 - 9 grams per day) which is very effective in opposition to Lyme disease as well.